Initial Inspection and Setup

Experience the Ultimate Clean – Greater Seattle's Top Choice for Cleaning Services

Dirt Departs, Peace Arrives – Your Clean Home Awaits

Relax in a clean, germ-free environment while we take care of the mess. Our goal is to ensure that your house is sparkling from top to bottom so you can relax in a clean, pristine environment.

Initial Inspection
and Setup

We survey your space and prepare tools for a thorough cleaning.

Deep Dusting and Vacuuming

We clean floors and surfaces effectively by removing dust and debris.

Detailed Scrubbing and Sanitizing

We focus on tough spots that need sanitizing for health and hygiene.

Final Touches and Quality Check

We polish to perfection and ensure everything meets your standards.


From Spills To Thrills: Our Cleaning Transforms Any Room Fast

Experience a cleaner space faster than ever! With us, every spill is swiftly handled, turning chaos into charm. We end the mess and make your house a place to unwind and enjoy life by maintaining a clean condition. Let's make every room a delight with our quick and efficient cleaning solutions.

"Dust to Dazzle, Make Every Corner Count"

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Hear What Our Clients Say About Us

With vast hands-on expertise in the cleaning niche, we've been successfully completing projects, regardless of their complexity.

Our kitchen was a disaster after experimenting with new recipes. Xtreme Clean Services effortlessly transformed it into a clean, organized space.

John Do

Moving was stressful, but Xtreme Clean Services cleaned our new home before we arrived, allowing us to settle in immediately and comfortably.

Allen Miles

Xtreme Clean Services tackled years of neglect in our old house. Thanks to their thorough, deep cleaning, we moved in feeling confident and proud.

Adrian Knight

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The Impact of Cleaning Services on Your Health

The Impact of Cleaning Services on Your Health

Ever walked into a freshly cleaned room and felt like you could finally breathe easier, literally? There’s more to that sigh of relief than just the absence of last night’s pizza boxes. Hiring a professional cleaning service can actually play a big role in boosting your health. Here’s how that works: 1. Wave Goodbye to […]

10 Reasons to Invest in Professional Cleaning Services

10 Reasons to Invest in Professional Cleaning Services

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A bi-weekly cleaning schedule works well for most households to maintain a clean environment. However, if you have pets, allergies, or a large family, you might consider weekly cleaning services to keep your living space consistently fresh and tidy.

Keeping your kitchen cleaner between visits involves daily wiping down surfaces, managing food waste promptly, and dealing with spills as they occur. These habits can help prevent grime buildup and improve your professional cleanings.